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Pick Your Own In Alabama


Blueberries Blueberries Strawberries Strawberries Citrus Citrus Blackberries Blackberries
Persimmons Persimmons Scuppernong Grapes Scuppernong Grapes Muscadines Grapes Muscadines Grapes Peaches Peaches
Pears Pears Apples Apples Watermelon Watermelon Tomatoes Tomatoes
Plums Plums Christmas Trees Christmas Trees Greens Greens Corn Corn
Pumpkin Pumpkins Peas Peas Peppers Peppers Beans Beans
Cucumber Cucumber Honey Honey Broccoli Broccoli Vegetables Vegetables
Okra Okra Raspberry Raspberries Chestnut Chestnut  Necartine Nectarine

Pick Your Own In ALABAMA

(by County)

Bee-Natural Farm Baldwin Blueberries
F. E. Little Baldwin BlackberriesVegetables
Heil Farm Baldwin BeansCornVegetables
Hillcrest Farm Baldwin BlueberriesScuppernong GrapesApples
Lyrene’s Flower Farm Baldwin BlueberriesChristmas Trees
Maizing Family Fun Farm Baldwin BeansVegetablesHoney
Navonod Farms Baldwin BlueberriesChristmas Trees
Alan Norden Autauga Scuppernong GrapesMuscadines Grapes
Perdido Vineyards Autauga Scuppernong GrapesMuscadines Grapes
Zimlich Ideal Farms Autauga Vegetables
Owen and Ellen Mims Baldwin Blueberries
Gardner’s Berry Farm Baldwin Blueberries
Broom Bush Farm Autauga BlueberriesBlackberries
Harris Blueberry Farm Autauga Blueberries
Hidden Acres Fruit Farm Barbour BlueberriesMuscadines GrapesVegetables
Miller Milling Co Barbour PeasBeans
Miriam Green Barbour Muscadines Grapes
S & W Produce Barbour PeasBeansCorn
Baty Farms Barbour Blueberries
Daniel Allman  Blount TomatoesWatermelonVegetables
Ernest Phillips   Blount Apples
Jerry Marsh Farm Blount Muscadines Grapes
Kenneth Witt Farm Blount StrawberriesPeachesVegetables
Lasseter Orchards Blount Blueberries
Moody’s Blueberries Blount Blueberries
Trina Smith Blount Strawberries
Newton’s Blueberry Farm Blount Blueberries
Bennett’s Blueberry Farm Butler Blueberries
Jerry Gilbert Calhoun Blueberries
W.S. Graham Calhoun BlueberriesBlackberries
Elna J. Dorris Calhoun Blueberries
John Lloyd Higgins Clay Vegetables
Bentley Farms Chambers PeachesNectarineVegetables
Cleckler Farm Chilton PeasBeans
Charles Culp Farms  Chilton PeachesNectarineApples
Ray Cooedy Farms Chilton PeachesTomatoes
Doster Farm Chilton Blueberries
G & G Farms Chilton StrawberriesVegetables
Grand Old Strawberry and Pumpkin Patch Chilton StrawberriesPumpkins
McCraw Farms Chilton PeachesNectarineHoney
Roland and Elizabeth Miller Farm   Chilton Blueberries
Rocky Top Peach Farm   Chilton Peaches
Jimmy Durbin Farms Chilton Strawberries
Weeks Blackberry Farm Chilton Blackberries
Petals from the Past Chilton BlueberriesBlackberriesMuscadines Grapes
Sunshine Farms Chilton StrawberriesVegetablesCorn
Country Best Farms Coffee StrawberriesTomatoes
Robert Parker Coffee Muscadines Grapes
Windy Acres Coffee BlueberriesBlackberries
Jack’s Blueberry Hill Coosa Blueberries
John G. Neighbors Coosa BlueberriesBlackberriesPeaches
Oakachoy Blueberry Farm Coosa BlueberriesTomatoesflowers
Edmondson’s Farm Covington StrawberriesPeasVegetables
H & H Blueberry / The Berry Patch Covington BlueberriesMuscadines Grapes
Garden of Eden Covington Blueberries
Dan Stringer Crenshaw PeasCornBeans
Simply Southern Farms Crenshaw Muscadines Grapes
Ike Behar Dale Raspberries
Turner South Farm Dale Blueberries
Richard & Nancy Dean Dale BlueberriesBlackberriesRaspberries
Deloney Farms Dale Strawberries
Bertie K. Burton Dekalb Blueberries
Gilbert Strawberry Farm Dekalb Strawberries
Jay’s Garden Variety Dekalb BlackberriesVegetablesOkra
Talleys Farm Dekalb StrawberriesTomatoes
Barber Berry Farm Elmore BlueberriesBlackberriesMuscadines Grapes
J.& J. Berry Farm Elmore BlueberriesBlackberries
Ledger’s Landing Elmore BlueberriesBlackberriesMuscadines Grapes
Witherspoon Fruit Farm Elmore PeachesBlackberriesokra
Gypsy Ranch Etowah BlueberriesBeans
The Norris Farm Etowah Strawberriespumpkins
Wills Creek Vineyards Etowah Muscadines Grapes
Aplin Farms Geneva Vegetables
Charles E. Carroll Geneva Strawberries
Charles Turner Geneva PeasCornWatermelon
Forrest Haynes Geneva Blueberries
McAlister’s Geneva Vegetables
Waterberry Farm Geneva BeansflowersStrawberries
Blues Brothers Orchards Henry Blueberries
S & S Farm/K & E Farms, Inc Henry Blueberries
Aplin Farms Houston Vegetables
Bell Farms Houston Vegetables
Vic & Tillie Hummer Houston pecans
J & A Produce Houston Vegetables
Maria’s Vineyard Houston Muscadines Grapes
Shiver’s Houston StrawberriesTomatoesPeaches
Crow Creek Pumpkin Patch Jackson Strawberriespumpkins
Bear Mountain Blueberry Farm Jefferson Blueberries
The Berry Patch Jefferson BlueberriesMuscadines GrapesScuppernong Grapes
Max & Lydia Blackburn Jefferson Blueberries
Blueberry Hill Farm Jefferson Blueberries
Payne’s Orchard Jefferson Peaches
LouAllen Farms Lawerence Peaches
Brown’s Vineyard Lauderdale Muscadines GrapesPeaches
McGee Farm Lauderdale pumpkin
Dorman Vineyards Lee Muscadines Grapes
Peggie Dunn  Lee BlueberriesMuscadines Grapes
Randle Farms   Lee BlueberriesHoneyTomatoes
Robert E Weed Lee Muscadines GrapesScuppernong Grapes
Billy Allen Lee Blueberries
Daveen Stanford / Raby’s Blueberries  Limestone Blueberries
G and N Berry Farm Limestone BlueberriesBlackberries
Isom’s Orchard Limestone BlueberriesStrawberries
Bill’s Honey Farm Madison BlueberriesBlackberries
Blue Willow Farm Madison Blueberries
Brown Farms Madison StrawberriesBlackberriesCorn
Harvest Farm Blueberries Madison Blueberries
Mary Mac Berry Farm Madison BlueberriesBlackberries
J. Sparks Farms Madison Strawberries
Autry Vineyards Marion Strawberries
James R. Lee Marion Blueberries
Jack and Judy Prance Marshall Muscadines Grapes
Maggie Valley Berry Patch and Farms Marshall BlackberriesStrawberries
Norman & Gaynell Byram Marshall Blueberries
Phillips Farms Marshall Strawberries
Wenker’s Vineyard Marshall Muscadines GrapesScuppernong Grapes
Betty’s Berry Farm Mobile Blueberries
Blue Moon Farm Mobile Blueberriesflowers
Chickasabogue Vineyard Mobile Muscadines Grapes
Hickory Hollow Vineyard Monroe Muscadines Grapes
K. M. Yawn  Montgomery Muscadines GrapesPearsPeaches
St. Nicholas Farms Montgomery pumpkinChristmas Trees
Gin House Branch Farm Morgan Blueberries
James Vest Morgan StrawberriesTomatoesVegetables
Mims Blueberry Farm Morgan BlueberriesBlackberries
Reeves Peach Farm Morgan StrawberriespumpkinTomatoes
Country Living Farms Russell BlueberriesMuscadines Grapes
Bob & Joyce Balch Shelby Blueberries
Bryant Vineyards Shelby Muscadines Grapes
Dale and Lea Callahan Shelby Muscadines GrapesScuppernong Grapes
John T Lyon Shelby BlueberriesTomatoesWatermelon
Morgan Creek Vineyards Shelby Blueberries
Smith U-pick Shelby Blueberries
A & P Farms St. Clair Strawberries
The Berry Patch at Maple Manor Farms St. Clair Blueberries
Brown’s Cut Flower Farm/span> St. Clair flowers
C&D Blueberry Farm St. Clair Blueberries
Dennis Sanders St. Clair Blueberries
Doyle Owen St. Clair BlueberriesMuscadines GrapesScuppernong Grapes
Hubert Brand St. Clair Muscadines GrapesScuppernong Grapes
Mae-berry Blueberry Farm St. Clair Blueberries
Wadsworth Blueberries St. Clair Blueberries
Milfred Lee Unruh Sumter TomatoesWatermelonPeas
Craft’s Blueberry Farm Talladega Blueberries
George R. Carlton Tallapoosa Blueberries
Blueberry Havens  Tallapoosa Blueberries
Taylor’s Blueberry Farm Tallapoosa Blueberries
Leavelle’s Berries Tuscaloosa Blueberries