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Pick Your Own In Florida


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Pick Your Own In FLORIDA

(by County)

Alachua County Organic Farms Alachua Blueberries
Berry Bay Farm Alachua Blueberries
BlueBela Farm Alachua Blueberrieseggs
Bluefield Estate Winery Alachua BlueberriesHoney
Brown’s Farm Alachua Strawberries
Case Farms Alachua Blueberries
Century Oak Grove and Nursery Alachua Citrus
Coleman’s Vineyard Alachua Grapes
Donald King Alachua Citrus
Mark Dunmore Alachua Greens
Forest Grove Tree Farm Alachua Pecans
Grandma’s Vineyard Alachua GrapesSugar Cane
Green Guys Hydropontic Farm Alachua Blueberries
Grove (Drew) Alachua Persimmons
High Springs Orchard & Nursery Alachua PersimmonsPlums
Jeanette Schneider-Ferrell Alachua Blueberries
Jonesville Persimmons -Ken’s Orchard Alachua Persimmons
Ken’s Orchard Alachua Persimmons
Loftus Family Farms Alachua Grapes
Maid Marian’s Blueberries Alachua Blueberries
Mark Dunmore Alachua Greens
McCord’s Blueberry Farm Alachua Blueberries
Meg’s U Pick Blueberries Alachua Blueberries
Melrose Organic Blueberries Alachua Blueberries
Monteocha Gardens Alachua Blueberries
Parrish Family Farm Alachua Blueberries
Roger’s Farms Alachua Strawberries
Santa Fe Berry Farm Alachua Blueberries
Santa’s Forest Alachua Christmas Trees
South Moon Farm Alachua Blueberries
Southland Berry Plantation Alachua Blueberries
Stratton’s Blueberries Alachua Blueberries
The Gainesville Blueberry Organic Farm Alachua Blueberries
Top Flora Inc Alachua Blueberries
Tranquility Hills Farm Alachua Blueberries
Wekiva Road Nursery Alachua Blueberries
Wellborn Farms Alachua Blueberries
Wellborn Farms Alachua Blueberries
West Morgan Farms Blueberry U-Pick Alachua Blueberries
William Cunningham Alachua CitrusPersimmons
Grape Expectations O’Donnell Vineyard - Baker Grapes
Sweatmore Ranch Bay Strawberries
Kerry Whitford Bradford Muscadines Grapes
Holland Family Farm Bradford BlueberriesBlackberries
Meadors Blueberry Farm Bradford Blueberries Honey
Sledd’s U-Pick Strawberries Bradford StrawberriesVegetables
Twigs and Berries Bradford VegetablesHoney eggs
Fuller’s Farmers Market LLC Bradford StrawberriesTomatoesHoney
Natural Wonders - U-pick Bradford StrawberriesTomatoesVegetables
Harmony Vineyard Calhoun Muscadines Grapes
Berry Best Farm Charlotte BlueberriesHoney
U-We-Pick Farms Charlotte StrawberriesTomatoesflowers
Yellow House Farms Charlotte Vegetablesflowersfruits
Da Berry Patch Charlotte VegetablesBlackberries
Misty Meadows Blueberry Farm Citrus Blueberries
Moran Fruit Farm and Nursery Alachua PeachesNectarinePlums
Blackberry Hill Farm Clay BlueberriesMuscadines Grapes
Howard’s Blueberry Farm Clay Blueberries
NONE Collier Contact Us If You Have Information
Bailey’s Farm Columbia TomatoesPeasBeans
Mary Perry Columbia Applespears
Burr’s Berry Farm Columbia  Strawberries
Carpenter’s U-Pick Field Columbia Strawberries
Knauss Berry Farm Columbia Strawberries Tomatoes
Martha’s U-Pic Columbia Strawberries
Strawberries of Kendall (U-Pick Kendall) Columbia Strawberries TomatoesVegetables
English Lake Farm DeSoto BlueberriesCitrus
Fort Ogden Gardens DeSoto BeansCornPeas
Sandhill Citrus DeSoto Citrus
Braddock’s Blueberries Duval Blueberries
Cason Vineyards Duval Muscadines Grapes
Dowless Blueberry Farm  Duval Blueberries
Howard’s Blueberry Farm Duval Blueberries
Kent’s Blueberry Farm Duval Blueberries
Mackert Vineyards Duval Muscadines Grapes
Mary’s Berries Duval Blueberries
Sellers Blueberry Farm Duval Blueberries
Veterans Farm Duval Blueberries
Williams Blueberry Farm Duval Blueberries
A&N Blueberries Escambia Blueberriesmelons, squash
Andrews Sods Fruit & Veggies Escambia BeansCornPeas
Beulah Berries LLC Escambia Blueberries
Petsel’s Blueberries Escambia Blueberries
Touchablue Berry Farm Escambia Blueberries
NONE Franklin Contact Us If You Have Information
Beare’s Berries U-pick (organic) Gadsden Blueberries
Sweetwater Farm Gadsden Blueberries
Sandy Hobby Farm Gilchrist BlueberriesBlackberriesVegetables
Steph-Lo Gilchrist Blueberries
Patty’s Patch Blueberry U-Pick - blueberries, U-pick and already picked Glades Blueberries
NONE Gulf Contact Us If You Have Information
Steichen’s Blueberry Farm Hamilton Blueberries
Center Hill Farms Hardee StrawberriesPeas
Gardner Farm Hardee StrawberriesTomatoesVegetables
Jack Green Farms Hardee Blueberries
NONE – Please contact if you have information Hendry Contact Us If You Have Information
Beasley Farm Hernando Beans
Bramble Creek Farms Hernando Blackberries
Brooksville Ridge Blueberries Hernando Blueberries
Butch’s Blueberries Hernando Blueberries
Circle M Blueberry Farm Hernando Blueberries
D&S Blueberry farms Hernando BlueberriesBlackberriesPeaches
Ergle Farm Hernando BlueberriesBlackberriesVegetables
JG Ranch Hernando BlueberriesStrawberries
Margo’s Blueberry Farm Hernando Blueberries
Patriot Acres Blueberry Farm Hernando Blueberries
Rabbits, Etc Hernando ORGANIC, Turkeys (organic, not-hormone-fed) and other meats and vegetables
Seven Acres Farm Hernando Muscadines GrapesPumpkins Vegetables
Skyshadow Farm Hernando Muscadines Grapes
Spring Lake Blueberry Farm Hernando BlueberriesBlackberriesHoney
Sweetfields Farm Hernando BeansCornPumpkins
The Counihan Family Farm Hernando ApplesBeansBlackberries
Grapes of Kath Vineyards Highlands Muscadines Grapes
Henscratch Farms Vineyard Highlands BlueberriesStrawberriesMuscadines Grapes
McCracken Farms Highlands BlueberriesBlackberriesBeans
All About The Blueberry Farm Highlands Blueberries
Alpha Growers Blueberries Hillsborough Blueberries
Artesian Farms Hillsborough Tomatoes
Barventa Farms Hillsborough BlueberriesBeansVegetables
Berry Bay Farms Hillsborough Corn Cantaloupe
Big Bear Farms, Inc Hillsborough BlueberriesBeansVegetables
Blue Oak Farms Inc Hillsborough Blueberries
Blues Berry Farm LLC Hillsborough Blueberries
BlueYouth Berries Hillsborough BlueberriesBlackberries
Bonnie Blueberries Hillsborough Blueberries
DK Blueberry U-Pick Farm Hillsborough Blueberries
Dodsen Berry Farm Hillsborough Strawberries
Favorite Farms Hillsborough Strawberries
Fort Lonesome Hillsborough BeansMuscadines GrapesVegetables
Frosty Blue Farms Hillsborough Blueberries
Glover’s Blueberry Farm Hillsborough Blueberries
Herbs Erbs Hillsborough  Muscadines GrapesVegetables
Hollow Creek Hillsborough Blueberries
Hydro Harvest Farms Hillsborough BlueberriesBeansVegetables
Jones Farm Hillsborough Peas
Keel and Curley Hillsborough blueberry festival, wine
LangFord Farm Hillsborough Blueberries
Lyna Berry Farms Hillsborough BlueberriesBeansVegetables
Moody Blues Farm - Certified Organic Hillsborough Blueberries
Parke HydroFarms Hillsborough BlueberriesBeansVegetables
Peoples U-Pick Hillsborough BlueberriesBeansVegetables
Proctor Family Farm Hillsborough Blueberries
Rise and Shine Farms Hillsborough Blueberries
Seeds of Love Nursery Hillsborough Blueberries
Shady Acres Farm Hillsborough Strawberries
Spivey Farms Hillsborough Strawberries
Stafford U-Pick Blueberries Hillsborough Blueberries
The Orange Grove Hillsborough BlueberriesBeansVegetables
Thompson Exotics Hillsborough Muscadines GrapesPeaches
WD Farm Hillsborough BlueberriesFresh eggs
Yancey’s Blueberry Hillsborough Blueberries
Cypress Cattle and Produce BlueberriesBeansVegetables
Tison Blueberries (aka,Tyson’s Blueberry Farm) Holmes Blueberries
NONE – Please contact us if you have information Indian River Contact Us If You Have Information
Donald Hamilton’s Farms Jackson CornPeasOkra
Fox Hollow Vineyard Jackson Muscadines Grapes
Jackson Farms Jackson TomatoesPeasmelon
L & E Farms LLC Jackson Chestnut
Lady’s Strawberry Farm Jackson Strawberries
Lee’s Tree Farm Jackson Muscadines GrapesPersimmonsChristmas Trees
T & T Vineyard Jackson Muscadines Grapes
Veitch’s Blueberry Farm Jackson Blueberries
A & B Produce Jefferson CornVegetables
Bernie Henderson Jefferson PeasOkraVegetables
Blueberry Springs Jefferson BlueberriesVegetables
Golden Acres Farm Jefferson Mayhaw
Green Meadows Farm (Certified Organic) Jefferson Blueberries
Wash Gallon Jefferson PeasOkraVegetables
Bear Groves Lake Citrus
Blue Bayou Farms - Certified Organic Lake Blueberries
Grapes U-Pick Lake Muscadines Grapes
Green Acres Fernery Lake BlueberriesPeasPeachesblueberries, peas, peaches, peppers, Honey from hives on the farm, U-pick and already picked, porta-potties, picnic area
H&H Berry Farms Lake Blackberries
Harper’s Nursery Lake
Heather Oaks Farm Lake BlueberriesBlackberriesflowersblackberries, blueberries, flowers, Other fruit or veg, restrooms, picnic area
Lake Apshawa Farm & Nursery Lake Muscadines GrapesCitrus
Lake Catherine Blueberries Lake BlueberriesHoney
Lake Jem Nursery Lake Blackberries
Lazy Bear Blueberries Lake Blueberries
Mark’s U-Pick Bluberries Lake Blueberries
May Brothers /OJ Groves Lake Kmquats and Citrus
Oak Haven Strawberries Lake Strawberries
Rabbit Hill Gardens Herb Farm Lake Edible Flowers & Herbs
Red Shed Strawberry Farm Lake Strawberries
Sand Hill Farm Lake Blueberries
Seminole Springs Herb Farm Lake Edible Flowers & Herbs
Southern Blue Berry Farm Lake Blueberries
The Showcase of Citrus Lake BlueberriesCitrusPeaches        Citrus (50 varieties; oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, etc.), peaches, plums, nectarines and blueberries
Valley View Vineyard Lake PeachesMuscadines GrapesPersimmons   Peaches, Grapes, Figs, Muscadine, Persimmons
31 Produce Lee BeansCornVegetables     beans, carrots, corn (sweet), cucumbers, eggplant, flowers, onions, peppers, summer squash, winter squash, strawberries, tomatoes, other vegetables, U-pick and already picked
Biggar Farms & Gulf Coast Mulch Lee StrawberriesTomatoesPumpkins
C & L Farms Lee StrawberriesVegetables
First Fruits Produce Lee StrawberriesTomatoes
U-Pick Citrus Lee Citrus
3M Farm Leon Muscadines Grapes
Beane Farm Leon Muscadines Grapes
Windy Hill Farms Leon BlueberriesBlackberriesMuscadines Grapes
Brad’s Organic Blueberries Levy Blueberries
FUYU Persimmons by Baumer Levy Persimmons
Swanson Vineyards Levy Muscadines Grapes
NONE Liberty Contact Us If You Have Information
Blueberries U-Pick Madison Blueberries
Jimmy Dixon Madison Blueberries
Priscillas Produce (aka, Prisilla’s Produce) Madison BlueberriesPeas
Tuten’s U-Pick Madison TomatoesVegetables
Tanya’s U-Pick Madison StrawberriesCornVegetables
Eden Farms Manatee Strawberries
Hunsader U-Pick Farms Manatee StrawberriesPumpkinsVegetables
Hydro-Taste Farms Manatee BlueberriesBlackberriesVegetables
O’Brien Family Farms Manatee VegetablesUses natural growing practices, broccoli, carrots, strawberries, other vegetables, Fresh eggs, gift shop, concessions / refreshment stand, restrooms, picnic area, birthday parties, school tours
Old Mission Vineyards Manatee Muscadines Grapes
Plesscher Groves Manatee Citrus
Vintage Organic Acres - Certified Organic Manatee Blueberries
Abshier Blueberry Farm Marion Blueberries
B & G Blueberries Marion Blueberries
Barbara’s Blueberries Marion Blueberries
Bay Lake Blueberry Farm Marion Blueberries
Bits and Berries Marion StrawberriesTomatoesVegetables
Blues Brothers Marion BlueberriesBlackberries
Century Oaks Nursery & Grove Marion flowersCitrus
Claire’s Blueberries Marion Blueberries
Crones’ Cradle Conserve Marion Vegetables
Florida Peach Farms and Nurseries Marion Peaches
Organic Blueberries Marion Blueberries
Papa Bear’s Plantation Marion Pecans
Plantland Nursery & Orchards Marion Muscadines GrapesPersimmonspears
Sugar Hill Blueberries Marion Blueberries
SugarTree Farms Marion Strawberries
The Wagon Farm Marion BlueberriesChestnut
Vucali Vinyard Marion Muscadines Grapes
Yancey’s Blueberry Farm Marion Blueberries
D & D Farms of Martin County, Inc Marion StrawberriesVegetables
U Pick Standing Up /AKA John Steffy Farm Marion StrawberriesTomatoesPeppers
NONE Monroe Contact Us If You Have Information
Conner’s A-Maize-Ing Acres Nassau Vegetables
Ellie’s Produce Nassau Vegetables
Hildebrand Farms Nassau StrawberriesVegetables
Akers of Strawberries (aka, Greg Evers) Okaloosa StrawberriesVegetables
Bernice Mock Okaloosa Blueberries
Bouvier Farms Okaloosa TomatoesPeasVegetables
Eglin Air Force Base Okaloosa Blueberries
Gerald Brooks Okaloosa Vegetables
Raymond Cook Okaloosa CornPeasVegetables
Triple J Farms Okaloosa Blueberries
NONE Okeechobee Contact Us If You Have Information
Beck Brother’s Blueberries Orange Blueberries
NONE Osceola Contact Us If You Have Information
Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market Palm Beach StrawberriesVegetables
Harvest Time Farm Market Palm Beach BeansCornVegetables
Honeybee’s Hydroponic U-Pick and Farmer’s Market Palm Beach BeansCornVegetables      beans, beets, broccoli, carrots, corn (sweet), cucumbers, eggplant, flowers, herbs/spices, melons, onions, peas, peppers, summer squash, winter squash, strawberries, tomatoes, other vegetables, restrooms, picnic area, farm animals, school tours
O’Berry Nursery Palm Beach lychees and longans
South Florida Produce Palm Beach StrawberriesTomatoesVegetables   beets, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, other vegetables, Honey from hives on the farm, U-pick and already picked, restrooms, picnic area
The Girls Strawberry U-pick Palm Beach Strawberriescucumbers
B & S Victory Farms Pasco Blueberries
Blue Jewel Blueberry Farm Pasco Blueberries
Bubba’s Blueberry Farm Pasco Blueberries
Cheri’s Berries Pasco Blueberries
E. Franklin Croft Pasco CornPeas
Gene’s Patch Pasco Blueberries
Hancock Groves Pasco StrawberriesCitrus
McCool’s Blueberry Farm Pasco Blueberries
Meladale Nursery Pasco BlueberriesTomatoesVegetables         Wide variety of seasonal, locally grown fruits and vegetables, blueberries, peppers, tomatoes,
Owen’s Blueberry Farm Pasco Blueberries
Peaches of Pasco Pasco Peaches
Shady Hills Strawberry and Organic Farm Pasco BeansVegetables
Shady Oaks Community Farm Pasco BeansVegetables
Strong Tower Vineyard & Winery Pasco Muscadines Grapes
The Berry Barn Pasco BlueberriesStrawberriesVegetables
First Fruits Hydroponics Pinellas BlueberriesBeansVegetables
Black’s Berry Farm Polk Blueberries
Blue Berry Farm Polk Blueberries
BMB Farms Polk Blueberries
Futch Family Farms Polk Blueberries
Hilltop Organic Farm - Certified Organic Polk Blueberries
JD Oaks Vineyard Polk Muscadines Grapes
Papa’s U-Pick Strawberries and Produce Polk  Strawberries
Ridge Island Groves Polk Citrus
Scotty’s Living Farm Polk BeansBlackberriesVegetables     beans, blackberries, broccoli, eggplant, flowers, herbs/spices, onions, peppers, summer squash, winter squash, other vegetables, Other fruit or veg, Fresh eggs, U-pick and already picked, farm market, restrooms, picnic area, school tours
Shady Oak Farm Polk BlueberriesCornVegetablesblueberries, corn (sweet), cucumbers, muscadine grapes, summer squash, strawberries, tomatoes, other vegetables, U-pick and already picked, concessions / refreshment stand, restrooms, picnic area, school tours
Comer Farms Vineyard & Nursery Putnam Muscadines Grapes
Crescent Farm Putnam Citrus
Deep Creek Berry Farm Putnam Blackberries
Hilltop Vineyard Putnam Muscadines GrapesPersimmons
Lilly’s Vineyard Putnam Muscadines Grapes
Log Cabin Farm & Vineyard Putnam Muscadines Grapes
Meadowmere Farm Putnam Muscadines Grapes
Miller Blueberry Putnam Blueberries
Sirvent’s Farm & Vineyard, LLC   Putnam Muscadines GrapesPersimmonsVegetables
Vincero Enterprises Putnam Strawberries
Lundy Blueberry Farm Santa Rosa Blueberries
The Arc Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Blueberries
Fruitville Grove inc Sarasota Citrus
Honeyside Farms Sarasota Strawberries
Pappy’s Patch U-Pick Strawberries Seminole Strawberries
Soggy Acres Pomelo Grove Seminole Citrus
Sundew Gardens Seminole BeansBlackberriesVegetables
U-Pick Blackberries Seminole BlueberriesBlackberries
BerryStacks Hydroponic U-Pick Farm St Johns BeansStrawberriesVegetables
Riverdale Sod Farm St Johns BlueberriesBlackberriesMuscadines Grapes
C & K Longan Farms Sumter Longans
Back Road Berries Sumter Blackberries
Bennett’s Farm and Produce Market Sumter Peas Tomatoes
Center Hill Berry Patch Sumter BlueberriesBlackberriesStrawberries
Country Time Berries Sumter BlackberriesPeas
Nature Coast farms Sumter Blueberries
C and J’s Blueberry Vineyard Suwannee BlueberriesMuscadines Grapes
K & S Farms Suwannee Strawberries
Lee’s Nursery, Inc Suwannee Muscadines GrapesPersimmons
Mitillini Vineyards Suwannee Muscadines Grapes
Morrison Farms Suwannee Persimmons
Scott’s Blueberry Farm Suwannee Blueberries
Sivyer Farm Suwannee Blueberries
Suwannee Valley River Farms, Inc Suwannee Blueberries
NONE Taylor Contact Us If You Have Information
NONE Union Contact Us If You Have Information
Darden’s Farm & Vineyard Volusia Muscadines Grapes
Gordon’s Grove Volusia Citrus
Hickory Tree Grove Volusia Citrus
Lloyd Stone Volusia Muscadines GrapesPersimmonsVegetables
Markalee Blackwelder Volusia Citrus
Vo-LaSalle Farms Inc Volusia StrawberriesTomatoesVegetables
Saladino’s Red Barn Farms Wakulla Blueberries
R.V. “Bob” Davis Walton Blueberries
Gainer Blueberry Farm Washington Blueberries
Muffin’s Blueberry Patch Washington Blueberries